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About the Theme of Metamorphosis 

The theme for the 2023 Festivals is 'Metamorphosis.' This theme was originally suggested by Deborah Root and Anum Farooq and was overwhelmingly voted for as the chosen theme for Lacuna festivals 2023 by the participating artists of Clash 2022. The definition and meaning of the term Metamorphosis is elusive and multi-layered, signifying a complex myriad of differing ideas in distinct areas. Lacuna Festivals are open to a broad interpretation of the theme but to help you get started, below are a few potential starting points.

Possible interpretations of the theme include:  the biological process of metamorphosis - Frogs, butterflies, moths and starfish amongst many other species metamorphose through distinct phases; literature such as the novel The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka or the poem Metamorphoses by Ovid; transformations of chaos into order, life into death, from youth to aged, masculine to feminine or oppressed to oppressor; alchemist transmutations of Copper to Gold; Tarot interpretations of the Death card signaling that one phase is ending as a new one begins; visual metamorphosis where one things shape shifts into another; the sky changing from night to day, moonlight to sunlight, stars to clouds; inner psychological and emotional transformations of identity, states of being and existence; supernatural metamorphosis such as human beings to spirits or ghosts; spiritual transformations like reaching samadhi or enlightenment; narratives in plays and performative pieces or the stories found in myths, legends and folklore and so on.


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