Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we can think of - we are updating these all the time as new questions come to us as well - so hopefully you should find your answers here. If not, feel free to contact us, but please do remember we are only a tiny team of two -  we aim to respond ASAP and within 72 hours.

What is the theme?

The theme for the festivals is ‘Lost.’ This theme can be interpreted in any way that you, the artists, see fit. Interpretations must be explained clearly in your supporting statement or your artwork will not be accepted for the festival. Possible interpretations: lost languages, lost and found, lost luggage, lost children, loss of nature - habitats, wildlife, oceans etc, extinction of animals, loss of life - war, terrorism, dangerous immigration routes, normal human existence, geographically lost, seeking direction in life choices, lost in mental health issues eg. depression, anxiety etc, lost voices, lost technologies, lost traditions, loss of face to face communication, lost in cyber space, politically lost, winners and losers, lost architectures, gone forever and so on...

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who is an Artist in the broadest sense of the term. For example; urban artists, dancers, visual artists, singers, mural painters, digital drawers, public sculptors, printmakers, mixed media artists, videoartists,  poets, creative writers, storytellers, performance artists, street artists, musicians, puppeteers, designers, makers and so on.

If you are not a creative but you still want to be involved, why don't you volunteer to be part of our the Festival Team? We have a friendly bunch of volunteers supporting the festivals this year and we can always use more hands and more heads. If you fancy giving it a go, apply here!

 How Do I Apply?

  1. Check out all of the information about this year’s festivals by looking at the website and following us on social media. @lacunafestivals and @thelacunastudios on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Create some work that meets the festival theme for 2020 - "Lost"
  3. Fill in the application form here....

How much does it cost to apply?

It is FREE to apply for the festivals. If you are accepted to exhibit/perform we request a €10 donation to cover basic admin costs. This is not a condition of participation, but if you can afford to donate, please share the cost of putting on these great events – see more about this in our FAQ. NB: You are responsible for the transportation of your work to and from the festival.

How do I apply for just one of the festivals?

All physical and digital works must be available for both festival dates as this is a touring exhibition that will form part of both festivals. Performance pieces (live performance, music, dance, spoken word etc) will be date specific and there is space for this information to be entered at the end of the application form.

When is the deadline for submissions?
The deadline for submissions is 31st March.

When will I hear about the success of my application?

A member of the festival team will be in touch within 48hrs to confirm that we have received your application. Following this intial contact we will then confirm participants in the first two weeks of April (to allow sufficient time for artists to apply for travel grants/funding.) Very important: If you have not heard from us regarding the success of your application by April 14th please do get in touch with us ASAP via the contact tab so we can chase it up.

When are the festivals?
Fuerteventura: 26th June – 10th July 2020 and Lanzarote: 17th July – 31st July 2020

Why is the deadline so far in advance of the festivals?

Following feedback from last year’s festival, we wanted to give performance artists and artists who need to travel with their work more time to apply for funding opportunities.

Where are the festivals?

The festivals will take place in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Venues will be confirmed closer to the time but we expect both festivals to be multi-venue.

How can I attend the festivals?

The festival is completely free to attend, although of course donations for events and exhibitions are very welcome! We are working with accommodations to get great prices for artists who want to visit and to enable artists to stay with other artists. Keep your eye on the website and social media as we get closer to the festivals to see more information as it is released.

Is there funding for artists to attend/perform?

There is no funding through Lacuna Festivals or The Lacuna Studios to attend or perform. However, there are substantial pots of money specifically for artists to engage with EU travel – have a look online for lots of options. We are happy to support funding applications through providing official invites, correspondence with funding agents etc.

Why am I responsible for the cost and organisation of postage and packaging?

This is one of the conditions that make the festival possible, without this commitment from our artists we would not, financially speaking, be able to run the festival. In addition, it is often cheaper, more flexible and more time efficient for artists to organise postage themselves using services from their home country.

Why are the website/communications in English when Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are Spanish speaking countries?

The festivals are international and as such the common working/professional language is English. To make things as easy as possible, we have embedded a Google Translate button at the bottom of each of our pages so that you can read all of the information in 100 different languages! We also try to post all of our social media posts and updates in both English and Spanish as translation is not always as easy on social media sites.



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