Show your appreciation and support the team that makes the Lacuna Festival events happen by donating to our GoFundMe campaign.

Your donation will help with the costs of hosting the Lacuna Festivals. These costs vary each year but are always in excess of €1200. Find out more about where your donations go further down the page.

It's really easy to donate and no amount is too small - just click on the button to the right to make your donation.

Festival Special: All donations over €5 will receive a digital copy of the Lacuna Festivals Metamorphosis 2023 catalogue as a thank you.

Thank you so much for your support - it really does make a difference.

What Can Your Donation Do?

Your donations are absolutely crucial to the successful running of Lacuna Festivals. Without them we would have no publicity materials, no hardware to hang the shows, no online platforms, no transport for the artworks...the list is endless. We wanted to clearly show where the money that you donates goes and what it is used for. To help paint a clear picture of what we actually need money for, we have put together a list of our constant expenses - the ones that we have year in, year out no matter what we do! From this you can see how quickly costs add up. For, of course, we don't just need enough mountboard for one exhibition if we have three exhibition spaces and it takes many tanks of fuel to transport the artworks to and from the exhibition spaces and post office. 

If every artist that took part in Clash 2022 had donated just €3 we would have beaten our target and therefore the majority of the festival expenses would have been paid for. The unfortunate reality is that through our 2022 GoFundMe page, we only raised 60% of our €1000 goal and as such Simon and I had to struggle to foot the rest of the bill. Obviously it is unsustainable to spend hundreds of Euros AND give hundreds of hours time to run an Arts Festival year after year. And that is why this year we are being very upfront about the financial implications of running this event and are asking for your help to ensure that we can keep doing it!

So please, give what you can. Even if you think that what you can afford is an insignificant amount, the impact of your donation will not be insignificant for the future of Lacuna Festivals.

Thank you.

€5 - Pays for one months line rental for the Lacuna Festival's telephone.

€10 - Buys nails and hooks for one physical exhibition.

€12 - Pays for one months subscription to Zoom Pro so that we can host online events.

€15 - Pays for the annual registration fee for our domain name.

€20 - Pays for the annual subscription to our Google Drive so that we can process images with our artist applications.

€25 - Buys mountboard for one physical exhibition.

€30 - Buys inkjet labels so that we can print gallery labels for one physical exhibition.

€35 - Buys packaging materials (mainly tape!) to return artworks following the festivals.

€40 - Pays for one tank of petrol so that we can collect artworks and take them to the exhibtion space.

€50 - Buys printer cartridges for the printing of gallery labels and signs.

€60 - Pays the annual hosting fees associated with our website

€70 - Pays the annual subscription fee for Flickr Pro so that we can have easily accessible online galleries.

€85 - Buys leaflets to advertise the festivals around the island of Lanzarote.

€100 - Buys new roll up banners for that year's edition. 





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