about the lost festivals

The Lost Festivals (originally named Festival de Arte Fuerteventura and Festival de Arte Lanzarote) are the new format for the 2020 events organised by Lacuna Festivals. The Lost Festivals take place online from 26th June - 31st July 2020. 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic it is simply not safe or possible to hold large-scale events of any nature this summer. People are confined to their houses or in extreme self isolation; shops, bars, cinemas, gyms and restaurants are closed; places of worship have shut their doors; travel is severely restricted or impossible and many important events have been postponed or cancelled. However, we feel that it is super important in these unprecedented times to keep the creative vibe going, support artists to stay connected to their creativity/making and keep artists talking to and sharing with each other. As such, we have transformed the original format and created fully digital festivals to replace the physical events that have been cancelled.

Just like a physical festival, The Lost Festivals have many different galleries in a variety of different places. We have galleries of participatory projects on our Facebook page, artist profiles on our Instagram account, video works on our YouTube channel, a photostream on our Flickr page and our festival galleries showing artists from our original open call hosted by ArtSteps. Our galleries this year are showcasing work by 210 artists representing 53 countries - when we say international, we really do mean it!

In addition to the online galleries there are 45 online events that you can join in. Events include artist talks, workshops, live music and dance performances, videos and panel discussions. All of our events are being prepared, organised and delivered for free - with creatives from around the world giving their time and energy to share their art with you. Some artists may have a donation button/link for their event and we strongly encourage all audience members to donate if they can do so. You can find the event schedule and more information about the events here.


The theme for the 2020 Festivals is 'Lost.' We did not change the theme when we changed the format - this is the same theme that we had when we announced our open call back in January. However, our theme feels particularly relevant and appropriate as so many have lost people close to them during the past few months and many more have lost their sense of normality as their everyday lives disappeared in lockdowns as the result of the pandemic. 

Possible interpretations of the theme that were initially suggested were: lost languages, lost and found, lost luggage, lost children, loss of nature - habitats, wildlife, oceans etc, extinction of animals, loss of life - war, terrorism, dangerous immigration routes, normal human existence, geographically lost, seeking direction in life choices, lost in mental health issues eg. depression, anxiety etc, lost voices, lost technologies, lost traditions, loss of face to face communication, lost in cyber space, politically lost, winners and losers, lost architectures, gone forever and so on.

As we started curating the artworks, we established twelve main narratives that run through the work that are: Lost Spaces, Lost Environments, Lost Realities, Lost Identity, Lost or Abandoned?, Lost Forever?, Lost the Way, Lost Stories, Lost Freedom, Lost Dreams & Desires, Lost Moments & Memories and Lost Connections. The works within each narrative not only link to the overall festival theme but also speak with other works in their gallery so that each one tells a unique story.


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