Festival de Arte Fuerteventura: 26th June - 10th July 2020

Festival de Arte Lanzarote: 17th July - 31st July 2020

We are excited to announce that this year we will have four weeks of festival activities - two weeks in Fuerteventura and two weeks in Lanzarote. A week longer and an island extra compared to 2019. We hope you like the upgrade!


The theme for the 2020 Festival de Arte is 'Lost.'

This theme can be interpreted in any way that you, the artists, see fit.

Interpretations must be explained clearly in your supporting statement or your artwork will not be considered/accepted for the festival.

Possible interpretations include: lost languages, lost and found, lost luggage, lost children, loss of nature - habitats, wildlife, oceans etc, extinction of animals, loss of life - war, terrorism, dangerous immigration routes, normal human existence, geographically lost, seeking direction in life choices, lost in mental health issues eg. depression, anxiety etc, lost voices, lost technologies, lost traditions, loss of face to face communication, lost in cyber space, politically lost, winners and losers, lost architectures, gone forever and so on...

This is not meant as an exhaustive list, it is simply a few starting points to help get the cogs whirring! The way that Creatives interpret the theme is as individual as the artworks created.

We can't wait to see what you will do with the theme this year and look forward to receiving your applications before the deadline of 31st March 2020.

To Apply

It is FREE to apply for the festival and you can submit up to three pieces of work in any media. Traditional and contemporary techniques are welcomed from needlework to interactive 3D projections, from interpretative dance to spoken word, from drawing to digital posters and everything in between. ALL ARTFORMS ARE WELCOME.

If you are accepted for the festival (to exhibit or perform) we are requesting a €10 donation per artist. Why? It’s crowdsourcing! We want to make this festival super successful and I’m sure you want that too. We are willing to put in the hours but we can’t put in the cash for everyone - we're just like you! 

If you are not able to pay €10 to the festival;, don't worry - donations are NOT a condition of participation. This is a festival for all! We hope some people can afford to offer larger donations to the festival which will help us to  support those with a tighter cashflow.

If you are able but not willing to donate €10 on acceptance of a place in the festival then please consider whether your creative ethos matches the ethos of these festivals and the growing creative community around them.

Donations are NOT a condition of participation but they really will help get this show on the road!!!


Theme: Lost
Application Cost: €0 It is FREE to apply.
Donation: €10 If selected (if able) - donation is NOT a condition of participation.
Deadline to Enter: 31st March 2020
Applications: Click here!
Dates: Fuerteventura 26th June-10th July & Lanzarote 17th -31st July 2020

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