May we Collaborate

If you would like to join in our cross-continental, collaboration project keep on reading!

All artists have got those pieces of artwork that were started and never finished, never felt complete, or just got forgotten about as a new project took over. Now is the chance to give these 'LOST ARTWORKS' a second life and to stimulate your creative juices. To take part simply take a high quality image of your work, crop it so that it is just the artwork in shot (no background) and then upload it to our gigantic swap shop in the clouds using the link below.

You have seven days to upload your artwork - the deadline is 7th MAY. On the 8th of MAY a new, randomly selected, artwork by another artist will be sent to you via email. You will then have until the 5th JUNE to complete your collaboration - you can do whatever you like, in any way that you like with whatever you like. Just remember that you will need to take a good quality photograph of the finished piece, upload it to the link given in the email and then this is what will be displayed digitally as part of the festivals.

All completed artworks will be displayed under both artist's names in a special section of Lacuna Festivals, @festivaldeartefuerteventura and @festivaldeartelanzarote online LOST FESTIVALS galleries.

DEADLINE for submissions 7th MAY
DEADLINE for collaborations 5th JUNE


All files must be SURNAME_NAME and be less than 1GB. 

Image credits: Francesca Cerami & Sarah-Jane Mason

The Lost Festival of FUERTEVENTURA

26TH JUNE - 10TH JULY 2020

The Lost Festival of LANZAROTE

17TH JULY - 31ST JULY 2020