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2021 participation projects 

Last year when we launched our participatory projects as a way to support and encourage the development of new creative work and connections during unprecedented times, we had spent a long time talking about the festivals and how we could make them meaningful for artists in the context of the pandemic. We felt a raw passion in our belief that going ahead with the festivals was the right thing to do to support our community in the only way that we know how – through creating, sharing and belonging together.

We could not have imagined then, that a year later, we would still be living in such unprecedented times. Times where perhaps the repeated use of the word unprecedented is fast becoming the only precedent there is. Now, more than ever, that need for connecting, sharing, creating and just being amongst our peers is strongly felt and yet possibly harder than ever to initiate. The aim of these participatory projects is to ease us all into this process of opening up by providing opportunities to connect from afar over distance whilst sharing what brings us all close together, the magic of creating.

We hope you enjoy these participation projects – feel free to take part in as many or as few as are relevant and engaging for you. Keep your eyes peeled for new projects as we will be launching something every couple of weeks in the run up to the grand opening of the festivals at the start of July.

be your own hero

- a catherine chliaras project for Lacuna Festivals

Be Your Own Hero is an artist led project organised by Catherine Chliara. A video combining a choreographed duet and your video clips regarding the reasons

why certain women do not want to confess their sexual harassment. The premiere of the video will be part of the Lacuna Festivals Events programme - more details coming soon!

Catherine says - It is sensitive, but powerful, and we need your help with that.

We would like you to shoot a short video of 2-3'' with you holding a card or paper with some words you would like to say regarding:

-what a woman is (beautiful, afraid etc)

-why women should be themselves ( "You have the power to change the world" etc)

-a caption you will/want to remember or want to remind all people ("Your worth has nothing to do with your weight", "Be your own hero" etc)

If you'd like to remain anonymous, you can use a larger card that will cover your face and/or body. You can create more than one and you can invite your friends. Let's create a video of empowerment and emotion!

Send your videos to

Deadline: 5th July


Remember holidays and sending postcards? Well, we'd love to hear from you with snapshots of your current lived reality. Make your postcard in any medium you wish, send a vintage card or manipulate a contemporary one. With thanks to Kay Murphy and Lucija Jankovec for their ideas :)

The "rules"?

1. It must be a traditional postcard size (6x8" or 148 x 105mm)

2. Write something on the back of the card. Maybe a brief explanation telling us where you are and what you are doing, an unusual story or interesting fact about your location.

3. Make sure you include your name and location (city & country).

We will exhibit all of the postcards from around the world here in Lanzarote: a location where traditionally postcards are sent from, not to. 

There are two ways to participate:

1. Free participation - simply make and send us your postcard to arrive by June 20th 2021. (Post takes around 3 weeks to arrive from mainland Europe) 2. If you wish to receive a return postcard from another artist (following the exhibtion)there is a fee of €5 to cover post (click here to pay

To participate in either way please complete this short form. We can't wait to receive your postcards!

The Travelling Sketchbook

a Lucija Jankovec project for Lacuna Festivals

The goal of this project is to create a travelling art piece, where participating artists have a chance to create and to intervene, manipulate or add onto the works made by previous artists. The final result will be a group effort where all the lines are blurred – no clear or distinct artist’s identity is shown. The only thing left is the co-created artists’ book and the distances it has travelled.

A sketchbook will be posted amongst creators with each participating artist creating up to three new pages (without restrictions on media or theme). Artists may also chose to create interventions or make edits on previous pages too. Artists are then asked to scan their contributions and add them to a dedicated Facebook group to chart the progress of the book in real time before posting the book on to the next artist.

The final artist will post the finished artwork back to Lacuna Festivals HQ. Here the completed book will be scanned in its entirety and presented as a digital flipbook on the Lacuna Festival website. In addition, a PDF copy will be made available for all participating artists.

Due to logistics and time management only 10 artists can participate in this project and they were allocated on a first come basis. All spaces are now full and The Travelling Sketchbook has started it's journey beginning in India. Keep checking back for progress on how this participatory arts project is progressing.

insta you insta us

A few artists suggested an Instagram takeover including Channing Gray & Jesse Egner. We think this is a great way to help build a sense of community amongst artists and to spread the word about you and your work. With the number of artists we have taking part in The Lacuna Festivals 'DISTANCE', it would be a tough task to allow each artist access for a day.

So…. We are doing something similar, we want to do a daily post about YOU! The post will be a series of (up to) 10 pictures showing you and your work and of course wewill include any hashtagsthat you want including in the post. We hope you like the compromise and that it enables you to reach a bigger audience with your artwork!

To take part, simply send us the following:-

1) An image of yourself.
2) A short bio about you and your work (with any hashtags, usernames, etc that you want to include, maximum 20).
3) Up to 9 images of your work. It does not have to be the work submitted for the festival, it can be any of your artistic portfolio. (NB: If your images are not cropped square for Instagram you give the Lacuna Festivals Team permission to crop/arrange images to fit).

In exchange we will send you some photos of and a brief bio about the Lacuna Festivals team for you to post on your Instagram.

The dealine for this project has now passed - please visit our instagram page to see our InstaYouInsta Us project as it has now gone live! 

Collaborate and Connect

Back by popular demand (suggested this year by Patrick Rogiński and others) is our artist collaboration project!

Work on top of, underneath or with existing imagery from another artist's creative practice to create a collaborative finished piece connecting you artistically across the distance, even though you may not have ever met!

Through this process you may encounter a subject matter, artform, material or technique that is unfamiliar or even totally unknown to you. And this is all part of the fun! In this project you are inviting someone else to complete a piece of your work without restrictions and at the same time taking on the same challenge. This all happens digitally, of course, so you don't actually lose the original work. It's win-win!   Have a look here to see the results from last year's collaboration project.

To get involved you need to contribute an unfinished piece of work in any media. We will then pair you up with another artist's unfinished work at random for you to complete. You will have four weeks to complete the work in any way you feel is right, before sending it back to us for display in our 'Collaborate and Connect' gallery.

The deadline to be involved in this project has now passed. Check back in July to see the results of 45 artists collaborating over distance.


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