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Distance Postcard Project 2021

The idea of using postcards for a participation project was suggested by Kay Murphy and Lucija Jankovec in their 'event suggestions' for 2021. It was also something that we at Lacuna Festivals HQ had been thinking about and so when we saw other artists liked this idea too, we simply had to go ahead with it! 

Artists were invited to create a postcard that told us something about where they were based, perhaps with national imagery on the front or a written legend from their city on the reverse of the postcard. After a few weeks the postcards started flooding in from all over the world including New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Peru and a whole host of European countries. These postcards formed an integral part of our physical presentation as part of the blended approach to the 2021 edition. In addition, we had an interactive station where visitors could create and write us a postcard that was then displayed alongside the artists' works. Following the exhibition, postcards were swapped and artists were sent a postcard from a different country with a small note enclosed that noted how many miles the postcard had traveled in total.

We really wanted to create a legacy of this amazing project and so before the postcards were sent out to the artists, we carefully scanned both sides of each postcard and saved them as digital files, enabling us to compile all of the postcards into a book. This book is jam packed with artist postcards showing a variety of approaches, many different media and a range of messages from around the world. We hope you enjoy looking at this book as much as we enjoyed compiling it.

And an extra special thanks, of course, to all of the contributing artists - you can find a list of all contributors on page 98. 


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