Lockdown Lunches

Developed by Hein Henry & the Lacuna Festivals team. This project asks artists to take pictures of themselves and the food that they are eating in isolation/quarantine.

During The LOST Festivals we will host a digital gathering where artists can share a meal together contrasting international connections with the current isolation that many are feeling. You don’t have to take part in both parts of this project. However, when it comes to the digital gathering, priority will be given to those that have taken part in Lockdown Lunches. As spaces are limited, take part to reserve your spot at our digital dining table!

To take part in the project you need to take two photographs – one of your food, and one of you sat where you ate that meal/snack.

DEADLINE for submissions is 31st May

NB: All files must be named SURNAME_NAME and be less than 1GB. 

Submissions: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd9_ybXmIQqw8fJehfIY1Prxp4hIv_j7GkSePu48Ceak5P8vg/viewform

Photo credit: Remy Aeon





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