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EVENTS Information

As part of the 2020 festival we had 45 events running online including artist talks, workshops, live music and dance performances, videos and panel discussions. All of our events were prepared, organised and delivered for free - with creatives from around the world giving their time and energy to share their art with you. 

You can find the (historical 2020) event schedule and more information about the events that took place below. 


  • How can we humans change to reorganize our daily lives?
  • How can we return to a 'safer' and 'better' life after being bombarded by fake news?
  • What are the useful proposals to regenerate everything that the human being has destroyed so far? 

To participate - send a photo of your face (to aid avatar creation) and a voice recording (1 min max) that answers the questions above. The recordings will be superimposed on the avatar / emoticon previously created by the artist.

Send info (subject: Re-Entry) to: directly or via WeTransfer

Moving with Water by Alexandra Tsiapi

Join me in a movement exploration, drawing inspiration from the theme of water. We will be turning our bodies into streams of water, ripples, waves and weightless seaweeds floating in our living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other space we find yourselves in. This improvisation aims to connect the body with the imagination in order to relax, have fun and discover new things about ourselves. During this time you are encouraged to make your own choices, be curious and playful. This exploration is for everyone; from movement lovers and professional movers, to those who are keen to try something new. 

Date & Time: 26th June at 11am 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Instagram - @alexandratsiapi

louisiana's disappearing Wetlands by daniel kariko

Daniel Kariko is a North Carolina based artist. His images investigate environmental and political aspects of landscape, use of land and cultural interpretation of inhabited space. Since 1999 Kariko documented the endangered wetlands and dramatic changes in the landscape in Barataria- Terrebonne region of South Louisiana. This series of photographs started in early 2000s represents a long-term investigation of disappearing wetlands and barrier islands in south Louisiana. Louisiana is experiencing the highest rate of coastal erosion in America, losing about one hundred yards of land every thirty minutes- land loss the size of a football field every half-hour. This project combines the cultural documentary with environmental concerns by presenting the Louisiana wetlands issues in context of our global cultural-environmental situation.

Date & Time: 26th June at 5pm 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Webex (password: J36kuZJJcn9) - click here

/bI'twin/ by Wai Lok Chan & Mariana Miranda

/bɪˈtwiːn/ is a live dialogue of revealing the distance in communication. It is a game formed by at least two people or you can play inside of yourself. The role of audience and performer interweaves in the fragmented communication. If there is no clarification occurs, is communication effective?

Date & Time: 27th June at 1pm 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook Live - click here

Lost home by agne Muralyte

"Lost home" is a practical, shadow theatre workshop. Artist Agne Muralyte invites you to grab a flashlight and listen to the story of your house. This tale will take us on a journey inside our home. Every participant will have an opportunity to get lost in their own place, which will no longer be the same. NB: You need a torch/flashlight to take part in this event.

Date & Time: 27th June at 11pm 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Zoom - Meeting ID: 417 351 7457, Password: 3Q4w6X

Q&A with The Lacuna Festivals team

Meet the tiny team of two that run all aspects of the Lacuna Festivals events from planning and organising to communication with artists, curation of artworks and the production of festival literature. Find out how the festivals began, why they are important and why we feel so passionately about them.

Date & Time: 28th June at 2pm

Language: English 

Bookings: N/A - free to enter till capacity

Platform: Google Meet/Hangouts - please click here

The body frame by incapsula

InCapsula presents an immersive art experience that is a fusion of a live concert performance with the visual components of projections and dance. Experimentation aims to create a symbiosis that brings the audience closer to the artist and the art. The music travels through a width range of emotions to transmit dramatic paths that cross multiple scenes, reminiscent of theater chapters. A soul's journey towards each chapter that contains various state of mind, memories and pictures. Dynamic grooves, glitchy techno beats, downtempo beats, space guitars and cinematic soundscapes merge a complementary visual environment that translates and emphasizes the emotional core of the sound.

Date & Time: 28th June at 9pm 

Language: N/A - sound, dance and music

Bookings: N/A

Platform: YouTube - please click here


photoshop for painters workshop by manu marzan

A tutorial style workshop to help painters who want to use Photoshop.

Date & Time: 29th June at 10am 

Language: Spanish

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Lacuna Festivals YouTube - please click here

ciucc Card by Francesca Cerami

I present the Ciucc Card: this is a tool I have created to stimulate creativity.

Date& Time: 30th June at 11am 

Language: English & Spanish

Bookings: Please book via email :

Platform: Skype - Francesca.cerami

Generation Lost.Freedom. by agneSE RUDZĪTE

This will be a text chat about life of artist and 'lost' feeling, about freedom.

Date& Time: 30th June at 5pm 

Language: English & Latvian

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook (@RYEfields) and Instagram (@agneseryefield)


Director Jarkko Räsänen talks about his first feature-length documentary 1ibrary 0f 1oss.

Date& Time: 3rd July at 7pm 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Zoom - click here


HAFTOBAZGRY is a joyful embroidery scribbles workshop for everyone who is interested in artistic textile, sewing, calligraphy or is just curious! Some time ago I started to use home sewing machine and darning/quilting foot (sewing machine element) to embroider sentences on cloth pieces. I wanted to combine handwriting and sketchy character with sewing technique, where precision doesn’t matter. During this workshop, I will present some of my previous realizations as examples. We will make one small task with embroidery writing, and then we will try to answer for main theme, which is “Lost consistency”. Our task will be to transform hole in a piece of Your wardrobe into new design using an embroidery. This time we will not try to hide a hole but use it as main part of composition. At the end I really want to encourage you to take a part in Instagram challenge. It would be great to see your projects! I am looking forward to meeting you online very soon. 

Date & Time: 4th July at 3pm 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A but for a list of needed materials pleasevisit this site:

Platform: Instagram Live - click here

Sands inventory by guilherme bergamini

The photographic series is a result of the documentation of objects and landscapes of Fazenda das Areias and its surroundings. The property, which is now 90 hectares, is situated 5 km from the center of Sete Lagoas, municipality of the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte. The farm has been in my family since 1964. The place holds my memories of childhood and also the memories of my daughter's childhood. The marks of my family are in every corner, either by the stories there lived or by the objects that live there. But not everything is permanence in Fazenda das Areais. First came the railroad, then the locomotive assembler. Then a portion was parceled out, bringing a much larger number of neighbors. With the demographic increase, the urban sewage system, which was built in a precarious way, has constantly broken the pipes. Fetid water and tailings transformed ponds, contaminating groundwater. Rubbish, household garbage and objects were discarded on the dirt road, altering the landscape of the place. From the improvisation is growing a city that, slowly, swallows the farm and confronts my memories. My relationship with nature is emotional and in recent years the process of urbanization also changed my way of being there. The violence that has increased in the region has already resulted in robberies and gunshots, which breaks the barrier between the intimate interior of the house and the changes of the exterior. I am an observer, but I am still part of this story that I wrote for thirteen years and that has not yet ended. The farm is for sale and work is about to come to an abrupt end. What will remain of memories, landscapes, objects, stories is the narrative that weaves through the inventory presented here.

Date & Time: 4th July at 6pm 

Language: Portugese

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Instagram - @guilhermebergamini

currently resident in... by editta braun

Indian IT-specialists in Great Britain, the elderly care nurse from the Ukraine next door, African street cleaners in Paris or the doner kebab seller at the railway station: More and more people are leaving their country looking for fortune/luck, for new perspectives or simply for survival. Departure, arrival, a new life: The uprooting is a deep cut leaving marks. Big dreams are often followed by disenchantment, a laborious time begins and many a migrant loses himself. At home moving like a fish in the water, now hesitating at every step he takes. Exposed to constant surveillance, often suspicious, always under pressure to justify himself and trying not to offend, he loses all his spontaneity. And even if he has found a place to live: What about language, the “house of our being”? In his solo, Juan Dante investigates the effects of global mobility upon the human being. With all his heart, from head to toe, with his body and his language, the native Columbian, who has been living and working in Europe since 2006, traces his own exemplary experiences. For 70 minutes, comedy and catastrophe stand close to each other, and even the delightful doesn’t miss out.

Date & Time: 5th July at 1pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Vimeo - click here


“Sha_ing temples” is a workshop about collecting objects, rituals and spaces. With this exercise we will investigate how central have been objects and their disposition in space in our quarantine life. Through the garnering of those objects, we want to investigate domestic rituals and domestic spaces, gathering a collection of several personal shrines. The workshop will be a process of co-design, a collective exercise exploring the possibilities of scenography, curatorship, collection and the unconscious and deep meaning we give to space and objects thought rituals.

Date & Time: 6th July at 2pm

Language: English

Bookings: Yes through Facebook event - click here 

Platform: Microsoft Teams (more info when you book)

lost life magazine by clara lang-ezekiel

The imagined covers of LIFE Magazine screen prints, by Clara Lang-Ezekiel, featured in the LOST festivals are part of a wider project by the artist called The Future in Retrospect: LIFE Magazine, a screen print and installation piece based on a counterfactual approach to history aiming to highlight some of the forgotten female role models overlooked in their time. The Artist talk, held on Instagram live, will focus on the conceptual background of the project, the stories behind the covers featured in the festival, and allow the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

Date& Time: 6th July at 5pm 

Language: English 

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Instagram Live - @claralangezekiel_art

vanishing point by pascal ungerer

Vanishing Point is a film that looks at places of obsolescence that lie at the edges of the built environment. The film montages mirrored landscapes together to create a fictional and constructed world in a film that portrays a liminal and surreal topography of post-industrial sites, unfinished building projects, abandoned nuclear testing facilities and ‘edgeland’ enclaves on the margins of urban development. This work looks at habitats that don’t fit into socio geographic norms and acts as contemplative meditation on a dystopic and uncertain future.

Date & Time: 7th July at 11am 

Language: English 

Bookings: N/A

Platform:  Lacuna Festivals YouTube Channel - click here

Panel Discussion: Art & Mental Health

Join Olena Kayinska, Magdalena Parfieniuk & Rajesh Kumaar Yadev for a discussion around art and it's impact on mental health. Panel discussion will follow the following format:

Introduction to panel members; Brief information/thoughts/opinions on topics from panel members; Responses from panel members; Questions from the audience; Final thoughts and close.

Date & Time: 7th July at 6pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A - free to enter till capacity

Platform: Google Meet/Hangout - please click here

The art of purposefully bad art by adam plant

Ugly art guy ADAM PLANT is here to give an informative exploration into the world of uncomfortable art, b-grade film and stoopid-sounding music (wow!)

Date & Time: 8th July at 9pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Lacuna Festivals YouTube Channel - please click here

itoladisco bY JÉRÉMY griffaud

AUDIOVISUAL LIVE. Instead of performing our project in front of audience we perform our last project online.

Date & Time: 9th July at 9pm 

Language: English 

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook - click here and Instagram Live - click here

Taller de cianotipia por Samanta Aretino

Aprende la antigua técnica de revelado al sol a través de zoom.

Date & Time: 10th July at 1pm 

Language: Castellano

Bookings: Please book via email:

Platform: Zoom (further details on booking)

Stop monotony with monotype - by evvivalarty

Come to this workshop if you want to know new ways of painting and drawing improvisations and to be aware of artistic values of things from your home or surroundings. You will discover how you can print objects at home and expand the artistic point of view. Take leaves, old clothes, a piece of tree bark, anything and everything at the workshop can turn into a work of art!

Date & Time: 10th July at 6pm

Language: Englsh

Bookings: Yes via email -

Platform: Skype-name olgawardega (more details on booking)

How do You see the future Cabaret - Festival event

Poster design & Original theme idea by Magdalena Frankowska

Come and join us for a cabaret-style event full of performances inspired by thoughts of the future.

Date & Time: 10th July at 8pm 

Language: Mixed

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Lacuna Festivals Youtube Channel - click here

The Lost and Found Booth By Kim-LingMorris

Have you lost something and want to find it again? Or perhaps you want it to stay lost? Register your lost item at my Lost and Found Booth and I will add it to the Community of Collective Consciousness.

Date & Time: 11th July at 2pm 

Language: English & French

Bookings: Yes via website - click here

Platform: Instagram TV - @Kimlingmorris

narratives of the lost by bren simmers & laurel Terlesky

Narratives of the Lost: A poetry and art collaboration. The project began with pictures of lost objects taken on daily walks around Squamish, BC, Canada, where both creators lived at the time. They sent each other texts of their finds and responded to these objects with poetry, photography, and drawings. By framing these lost objects as art—gloves placed carefully on branches for their owners to reclaim—they become an entry point into narrative, sparking conversations about connection. Who did these items belong to and how do they reflect Squamish’s changing community identity?

Date& Time: 11th July at 8pm 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Zoom (password: 8QcvSF)  - click here


I will play music and sounds in an improvised performance with voice, different instruments and electronic sounds - from experimental to indie music.

Date & Time: 12th July at 8pm 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook Live - click here

Live Egyptian Concert by mahmoud siam

Musician and Songwriter from Alexandria, Egypt that plays Roots Music eg Reggae, Gnawa And Egyptian Folklore Music who is also interested in Electronic and Jazz music. This project is to revive traditional music in a new way and add a modern touch to ensure that this heritage that we love is not lost. Back to the roots , back to Africa, back to motherland. Peace and love

Date & Time: 13th July at 9am

Language: Arabic and English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook - click here

Sorrow by TinaninanI

Dance Mime theatre Company TiNaNiNaNi consist of emancipated Dance, mime and physical actors. TiNaNiNaNi is known for their sharp, witty and personal performances with an (apparently) a political message, averse to all theater codes and conventions, and in which form and content cannot be separated. Sorrow is not a trendy Etalage (shop window)-art Dance choreography. The movements are independent from the music and story. The story is of all times. Miraculous and philosophical; tragedy and comedy are not a paradox. Four independent universes come together; image, text, dance and music. The dance is modestly expressive and unique. The story is based on the book De vice-consul, by Marguerite Duras. The echo from one mirror to the other, even more these merge together and mutually reinforce them to form a closer whole. A performance for young and old. Dance: Kamee Frieling Text: Ari Peterse

Date & Time: 14th July at 8pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook Live  - click here

super 8x round the world by stefanie hannak, petra Kainz, llona Rainer-Pranter & Stefan Raschbach

The short film "super 8x um die welt" (super 8x round the world) was created by filming with a Super 8 camera while traveling around the world in the 1970s and 1980s. They represent the beginnings of mass tourism through the lens of a well-off family from Austria. Through the visual elements, drawn by the artist Ilona Rainer-Pranter, the loss of a living environment is traced. The super 8 footage was created by the father of one of the artists (Stefanie Hannak), who worked as an engineer in many countries. Unfortunately he died when I was only 4 years old, which makes this film also a representation of the loss of a close family member. The documentation of these family trips is an important, valuable historical document for myself and others.

Date & Time: 16th July at 8pm

Language: English & German

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook - click here

The 'Lost' Artwork: The removal of 'The rising tide' by clare carter

I will discuss my collection of prints ‘Living Museum (i-vii)’. The piece is a personal response to the removal of Jason deCaires Taylor’s ‘The Rising Tide’ from the harbor below the MIAC in late 2019. These ‘lost’ artworks were initially made to raise awareness of climate change, and their removal by the council has forced me to question the future of contemporary art on the island of Lanzarote.

Date & Time: 17th July at 10am 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook - click here

Hand Casting by Jay Clarke

This is a workshop tutorial video, showing how to very easily cast your or a relatives hand, at home!

Date & Time: 17th July at 2pm 

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Instagram  - click here

Live sketching with Murali raman

A live or still life display model will pose for 20 seconds while participants will sketch them using any physical medium (not on the computer or electronic medium) like pencils and paper, charcoal, coffee, tea, oil pastels or paint . The model will snap out of the pose after 20 secs and take the next pose for 20 secs. 20 poses leads to 20 sketches per artist. Then we will discuss some of the work and techniques.

After the event - all artists please send images to Murali on Instagram and he will compile them into an audiovisual show (all credits to artists) as part of the festival's records.

Date & Time: 17th July at 12pm (midday)

Language: English

Bookings: Please book by email -

Platform: Instagram Live @muraliraman

Panel Discussion: The artist in confinement

Join Elodie Ferre, Hugo Rami Perez and Tarteel Khaled  for a discussion around how the artist functions and what happens to their practices when they are forced into confinement and/or isolation. Panel discussion will follow the following format:

Introduction to panel members; Brief information/thoughts/opinions on topics from panel members; Responses from panel members; Questions from the audience; Final thoughts and close.

Date & Time: 18th July at 11am

Language: English

Bookings: N/A - free to enter till capacity

Platform: Google Meet/Hangout - please click here

Lost by editta braun

We live in an era of immense appeal of dating agencies, even mobile phone apps, now promising the impossible. What is it which causes our somehow desperate search via technology, when we are actually seeking love? Is it a search for a deeply felt loss of orientation, a general feeling of dread? Or are we really just looking for a mirror image? Why is love so very hard to find? Is giving ourselves to another perhaps a contradiction in an era of self-realization, in a time of seeking who we truly are? Iris Heitzinger and Dante Murillo explore the fundamental conditions of becoming a couple and explore their various inner and outer, even existential circumstances beginning with the playground leading to the 'battle ground' and back again. It is a piece about yearning, about courage, about deep anxieties, dreams, about damages suffered... It is a piece about resolution... About doubts and trust, about expectations and disappointment, about competing, about attempts for dominance and submission, about the addiction to closeness followed by a need for inner and outer distancing, about the space we allow and the space we claim for ourselves, and finally, about immense tenderness, as well as a capacity for violence. This is, ultimately, a declaration of love to a theatre which physically expresses a world of feelings, and what feelings are capable of making us do. It is that which cannot be named, it is that we try to show in ways which resound. .

Date & Time: 19th July at 2pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A 

Platform: Vimeo - click here


Join Daniel Kariko, Joshua White, Easton Selby, Dr Jen E. Boyle, Armon Means and Vruti Mistry for a discussion around art practices in relation to and in the context of the festival theme 'Lost.' Panel discussions will follow the following format:

Introduction to panel members; Brief information/thoughts/opinions on topics from panel members; Responses from panel members; Questions from the audience; Final thoughts and close.

Date & Time: 20th July at 6:30pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A - free to enter till capacity

Platform: Google Meet/Hangout - please click here

journeys through sound and body by sebnem yuksel

We are dancers and musicians creating improvisational performances with sound and movement. Throughout the performance, our “process of authentic responding” seamlessly create instant compositions in the moment. With the poetical language of movement and sound, instant relationships arise. Instant images appear, perhaps to disappear again. And it becomes a journey. Every journey presents a unique visual and audio experience different than the other while providing an opportunity for varied physical and emotional reactions to come into open. Here, the theme of LOST will be transmitted as a state of being while we encourage both ourselves and the audience to be in flux together, let go of the need for knowing and let in what the moment brings us. Also, because this performance will be presented through a camera, lost body parts and loss of view will be in the forefront of our awareness. 

Date & Time: 21st July at 6pm

Language: English


Platform: Vimeo - click here

PANEL DISCUSSION: the impact of art in unprecedented times

Join Lucija Jankovec, Carla Santana Perdomo, Prof. Kenneth G. Hay & Valerie Wolf Gang for a discussion around art practices in relation to and in the context of the festival theme 'Lost.' Panel discussions will follow the following format:

Introduction to panel members; Brief information/thoughts/opinions on topics from panel members; Responses from panel members; Questions from the audience; Final thoughts and close.

Date & Time: 22nd July at 6pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A - free to enter till capacity

Platform: Google Meet/Hangout - please click here

Homeland, the Dream of a working class hero by Tinaninani

A collaborating video project of 15 artists from all over the world.

Dance Mime theatre company TiNaNiNaNi from Netherland, started this idea to put artworks in 1 video work: The video starts with a man wakes up in the morning. His name is Hero. He stops the alarm-clock, gets out of bed, washes himself, have breakfast He lives in a simple area. In the darkest part of the city, where the sun refuses to shine Hero goes to work He crosses streets, walking to another bus maybe, or passes a park, a pub, a theatre, a museum. He is in love at distance with Magda, the coffee lady at the factory. Many times he looks in the mirror and thinks: Is this really me? Is this the life I want? Is there no hope? no future? Magda is looking for Homeland..... that is her dream. She invites Hero to go and look for it. Maybe with the help of all collaborating artists they will find the other side of the moon.

Who is company TiNaNiNaNi? Artistic director - Ari Peterse & Artist Kamee Frieling Website:  

Our guiding artist friends: Ceren Yesilbas, Ruzan Petrosyan; Francisco Zarate, O. Yemi Tubi, Ria Breedveld, Sebnem Yuksel, Root Yarden, Marcella Allecram, Gitu Mahtani, Analia Adonia, Company Autoportante, Kristina, Ivan Smith, company Kate Wyrembelska, Simone Levy

Date & Time: 23rd July at 8pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: TiNaNiNaNi YouTube Channel - Click here

Come Dine With Us!

Join The Lacuna Festival Team for an online gathering like no other. Sign up via email to receive simple Canarian recipes to try out at home and bring them to the table on the night (if you fancy!) If the cooking doesn't do it for you, sign up but just grab a drink, pull up a pew and enjoy coming together as an artistic community.

Date & Time: 24th July at 2.30pm

Language: Mixed (host language is English)

Bookings: Feel free to turn up on the day but email with COME DINE WITH US in the subject box for our Canarian recipe suggestions. 

Platform: Google Meet/Hangout - please click here

Something we lost workshop By Raquel Esquives

In this workshop we will make a project based in something we lose. Our tools would be sewing and embroidery. Is a space where we will share and develop a concept and make a little piece of art from it.

Date & Time: 25th July at  4pm

Language: English & Spanish

Bookings: Yes via email to

Platform: Zoom - click here

video art: cash register poems by edward kulemin

This art project involves aspects of the mutual relationship between the utilitarian and the sublime. As starting material we used real receipts from cash registers. The cash register receipt is a sign element in the system of merchandise-monetary relationships. It contains information of statistical-economic character, but at the same time it has a clearly expressed semiotic-geometric structure. The numbers and letters on it are organized to give it resemblance to a poetic work. The author augments the realistic level by asemic letters and abstract symbols, intensifying the aesthetic effect and giving the receipt the look of a completed artistic work. In it the words, letters, numbers and strokes are layered on each other to form a single, polysemic structure. In the given case, the artist performs the role of a kind of “translator” from the language of economic concreteness to the language of economic poetics. In videopoem individual words and their parts are periodically repeated in different segments and randomly combined with each other, forming uncontrollable connection. The sounds of cash registers (for example - in hypermarkets) merge into a single sound poetry mix.

Date & Time: 25th July at 7pm

Language: Russian (English translation)

Bookings: N/A

Platform: YouTube - click here

side effects by andre perim

An Audio visual experience combining radical video experimentation and music. Side Effects is a continuum process started in 2017 during a "quarantine" of one year in hospital during a treatment against cancer disease.

Date & Time: 26th July at 12 noon.

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook Live - click here

Artist talk by jesse egner

Jesse Egner is an artist working primarily with photography and video. Often taking the form of playful, uncanny, and absurd portraiture of himself and other individuals, his work explores themes of queerness, disidentification, queer corporeality, and social phenomena. Egner was born in 1993 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His work has recently been included in exhibitions at Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, Washington; El Rincón Social and Box 13 ArtSpace in Houston, Texas; Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois; and the Pingyao International Photography Festival in Pingyao, China. 

Date & Time: 26th July at 8pm (3pm EST)

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Zoom - Meeting ID: 926 6016 3083

Yugoslavia Memory by ivana Mancic

I aim to contribute to contemporary art practices and dialogues by creating a personal narrative which will address the issues of loss, memory and belonging that marked the unique historical chapter surrounding the Civil war in Yugoslavia. The personal narrative is made of intercepted fragments of memory, piecing together like elements of a jigsaw. As a witness, I turn to art as a method to explore these questions, open up, create artifacts and communicate to others. The narrative addresses the people and spaces lost, things that might have been- the ghosts inside and this event is an opportunity to present parts of it.

Date & Time: 28th July at 6pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Zoom (password: 6ZRZgq) - click here


Video of a live performance.

Date & Time: 31st July at 2pm

Language: Spanish & English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook - please click here

Synesthesic, Painting & Music Sensitive by Federica Furbelli

SYNESTHESIC is an artistic action in which plastic art and electronic music merge to create a mix of sensory experiences. Painter: Federica Furbelli @federicafurbelli Musician: Sofia Albanese @annasofie.__

Date & Time: 31st July at 4pm

Language: English

Bookings: N/A

Platform: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube - @federicafurbelli and @annasofie.__





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