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Official Festival Merchandise Available Now

Our first ever range of official festival merchandise has now launched!

A number of artists asked for us to produce festival merchandise as momentos of their participation. We are not ones to disappoint, so now you can show your love for the festivals with an official festival t-shirt or mug.

Visit our Etsy store for a number of different items, including a t-shirt with every single participating artist name from Distance 2021.

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2 JULY-1 AUGUST 2021

2021 theme:DIstance

'Distance' is the theme for the 2021 Lacuna Festivals.

Possible interpretations of the theme include (but are not limited to) : measurements of distance, the distance between two points, two people or two objects, barriers created by distance, overcoming barriers created by distance, ways of communicating from a distance, journeys, travel, modes of transport, migration of birds, insects and animals, psychological distance, physical distance, emotional distance, legal and illegal immigration, geodesic distance, meridian arcs, circular distance, Manhattan distance, relative distance, edit distance, chessboard distance, cosmology and the expansion of the universe, construal level theory, distance between experienced realities and/or individual perceptions, milestones and markers, signposts and cairns and so on.

Artists have interpreted the theme in many different ways. 

2021 Artists Map

Lacuna Festivals artists come from all over the world and this year we have created a map so that you can see where everyone else is in the world in relation to you.

The 2021 festivals have over 325 artists participating and they are representing 83 different countries. 

How much distance would be covered if you tried to physically visit each artist? 

We hope you have some fun exploring this map. You can zoom in and out, make the map full screen, check out the map legend/key, share the map in Facebook or Twitter and you can even embed it into your personal website or blog!

Please don't forget to tag us in if you're sharing this on social media, websites or blogs. You can use @lacunafestivals or


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